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critical issues. republican con sis tans on globalization, immigration reform, the china threat or middle east policy. conservatives couldn't even agree on sensible steps on healthcare reform other than to repeal obama care. the republican party will continue to be adrift unless conservatives, still the most influential group within the party have a clear sense of what they stand for and what policies will best serve their cause and the nation's. so beyond the fiscal cliff resolution, we need to find better messengers, better candidates who are also media and tech savvy. whatever our differences, we can all agree as conservatives on a philosophy grounded in limited government, the free market and the judeo-christian tradition and this should be attractive to young and old black and white male or female voters. the most important thing is that we not despair. the problems we face today are no worse than the ones conservatives faced in the 1970 os when remember they had to deal with a weak economy and aggressive soviet union and the fallout from vietnam. they overcame those problems and the
. now, some folks want to trade freedom for security. just go to cuba, you will see that go to china, government runs the show. and through the history strong central governments have always been on display. america was supposed supposed to be different. that's why the founding fathers built in protections for us that's why they encouraged a free press to keep government power in check. to expose power grabs in washington. but now the press is working in concert with the obama administration. no longer do we have a skeptical media when it comes to confronting power. the president's liberal ideology is compatible with the liberal belief system of many media bosses. and so we are seeing a tremendous power grab in washington. that's not being challenged by many in the media talking points admit very few americans understand what's going on and certainly many voters had no clue in november. just remember, every time. every time a new law is passed, even the good ones the state grows more powerful the individual grows weaker. that's the truth and that's the memo. now for the top story ton
to deal with. now, it would take a lot of courage for him and he would have to break a lot of china in his own party to say we've got a short-term fiscal cliff and we've got a bi bigger one that that. i want to head it all off, and it will take a bargain to do it and i'm ready to do it. he talks about it, but he doesn't do it. >> bill: what are the odds? >> it's pretty remote. here are the results of the poll. do you believe president obama and the republicans will reach a budget deal before automatic tax increases are triggered? only 15% say yes. 85% do not believe that deal is going to be reached. we have a brand new bill o' poll question for you. do you believe the factor's christmas controversy coverage is accurate or overblown? are we overdoing it or right on it? this is the new bill o' directly ahead, bernie goldberg on accusations the right wing media controls america. >>> later, adam carolla on a judge ordering a dead beat dad not to have any more children. those reports after these messages. >> bill: weekdays at bernie's segment tonight. goldberg and i often d
now into a pretty interesting situation. >> it's like jeffrey immelt saying kind of praising china recently because they can make some good business decisions for themselves so the whole system might be somewhat add admirable. i think they are revealing what they in many ways really think. it wasn't too many years ago that we were talking about harry belafonte comments about condoleezza rice and even colin powell when he said they were living in the house of the master. he wasn't joking then. he may be overstated a little bit maybe for him. >> bill: is he emboldened. >> of course. >> bill: nobody cares about harry belafonte. >> that song is in my head ruining the christmas season banana boat. >> bill: sun goes down. i like that song. i used him not because he has credibility and that is he somebody that people listen to, but to give you an example of what is being said in the salons at the huffington post. these people are going, you know what? if you oppose president obama now and you oppose the secular progressive agenda we're going to deal with you. look, the attacks on me, look
to china and you see what's happened in various places. it all comes back to one thing. it all comes back to there is an evil in the universe and you can't stop it. you can't stop it. we have to deal with it. we just have to deal with it. >> this young man, adam lanza, woke up and he killed his mother. why did he kill his mother? we don't know. maybe he thought his mother was paying too much attention to the children. maybe it was something as -- >> bill: we don't want to speculate tonight. >> as crazy as that. after she's dead, he then drives to her classroom. how best to savage your mother than to go and kill the children she cared for, that she nurtured, that she taught. and my brother craig was there all day. he saw a scene where all the parents collected their children, the surviving children, and the governor at some point says, those who haven't collected their children, there are no more children to collect. they are inside, the forensics are still ongoing. they were at the fire house. so there were families arriving late. some coming from out of town. the school was almost a magn
a case in new york where a woman who believed her attacker was in china in fact was able to move into her building in new york, stalk her and murder her two weeks later. >> this was chen, was it not, who was. >> exactly. >> back in 2006 was released back into the united states. and it as horrific story. a 46-year-old woman. he shows up at her house or apartment and horrific act occurs. and we just did a segment on now a newspaper in new york published the addresses of people who have gun permits and this is causing an outrage but in this case information that the public really needs to know, where are these people and who are they. could be they living in our community near us. especially if you were one of the victims of an illegal imcrime. they are left to fend for themselves unless someone shows up on your doorstep and then it is too late. >> and immigration has a victim note fection program but it is very little known and we found that there are only right now a few hundred people involved in it. and that -- and there are thousands of immigrants who are either see deported or released
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interesting situation here. >> that's like jeffrey saying kind oft praising china recently because they can make some good business decisions for themselves, so the whole system might be somewhat admirable. they're always joking when they say something outrageous. i think they're revealing in many ways what they really think. it wasn't too many years ago, bill, that you and i were talking abouter harry's comments about condoleeza rice and even colin powell where they live in the house ofen the master. >> bill: right. >> he wasn't joking then. you know, he maybe overstated a little bit for him. >> bill: look. nobody cares about harry anyway. >> that song is in my head. you're ruining the christmas season, the banana boat song. >> bill: i like that song. >> would you sing it for us? >> i used him not because he has credibility and that he's somebody that people listen to. but to give you an example of what is being said in the salons, at the huffington post. there arese people going you knw what? if you oppose president obama now anden you oppose the secular progressive agenda, we're going to
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)